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It is a software which takes care that no important event is ever forgotten
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Humans often face problems in their life for not remembering important events of their life. Such lack of remembrance is often misunderstood as negligence and creates wrong impression on other people. Thus, people always want something that could prevent them from such incidents. Sheer Notes is the solution of such problems for the users. Sheer Notes is very efficient software which takes care that no important event of users’ life is ever forgotten by showing the page right on the desktop. Users don’t need to worry as this page on desktop doesn’t create any sort of inconvenience for them as it is semi transparent. So, user can keep their most important and unavoidable events lists in Sheer Notes. Moreover, unlike other reminders which simply allow creating reminders, Sheer Notes also allows writing in different styles and fonts. Thus, Sheer Notes is an attractive software tool for users to use. With Sheer Notes, user is guaranteed that even by mistake no important commitment of them is ever forgotten. All these features are available for users in an extremely easy and simple interface. Moreover, users don’t have to even spend a single penny for this excellent software.

Manoj Goel
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  • Reminders shown on desktop
  • Don’t create any inconvenience
  • Selected reminders could be saved
  • Simple interface to use


  • Not supported on Apple MAC
  • Leaves some files on uninstalling
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